Complications of External Ventricular Drainage at CHU-JRA Antananarivo Madagascar


  •   Bemora Joseph Synèse

  •   Ramarokoto Mijoro

  •   Rakotoarivelo Joe Andry

  •   Barison Mugica

  •   Ratovondrainy Willy

  •   Rabarijaona Mamiarisoa


The external ventricular drainage (EVD) is a device indicated in cases of acute hydrocephalus and in certain cases of intracranial hypertension. The main objective of our study is to determine the frequency of the complication of an EVD at the Centre HospitalierUniversitaire Joseph Ravohangy Andrianavalona (CHU-JRA). This is a retrospective and descriptive study. During the targeted period, 64 patients were operated for EVD, of which 45 had a complication (70.31%). The infectious complication predominated in 43.75% of cases. All patients were operated for ventricular hemorrhage. Antibiotic prophylaxis before surgery was systematic for all patients. The most frequent germ was Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus. The average duration of catheterization was 14.47 days, the average duration of onset of the complication was 7.96 days. Despite systematic insertion of the EVD in the operating room and the existence of a dedicated care protocol, the rate of an EVD-related complication remains high in our center.

Keywords: CHU-JRA, complication, external ventricular drainage, hydrocephalus, infectious


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