Patterns and Prevalence of Self-Medication Practices among Medical Students in Oman


  •   Alhasan Asaad

  •   Isra Al Mahruqi

  •   Kawthar Al Kharousi

  •   Saniha Malik


Background: Self-medication which is the selection and self-administration of medicines to manage or treat symptoms, has become a quite common practice that is on the rise.

Objectives: exploring the prevalence of self-medication practices among medical students, and its different patterns across the batches of the medicine program, and identifying and assessing the different reasons behind self-medication practices among medical students.

Methods: A cross sectional study directed at medical students at the National University of Sciences and Technology in Sohar and Rustaq’s campuses, in Oman. It included students from the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years. 212 responses were obtained in total. Data was collected through confidential anonymous questionnaires after obtaining consents.

Results: Of the 212 responses, 88.7% were females, while only 11.3% were males, their ages ranging from 17 to above 26. The prevalence of self-medication was 63.2%, most of those who self-medicated were younger, female students, with over-the-counter drugs due to previous experiences and mildness of the symptoms. The most common ailments that prompted the students to self-medicate included headaches, cold and fever.

Conclusion: the prevalence of self-medication amongst medical students in the National University of Sciences and Technology in Oman, is quite high. This calls for an early intervention and raising awareness on the topic.

Keywords: Medication, medical students, self-medication, self-treatment


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